Sam's Story

    The inspiration for our passion.

    The inspiration for our passion.

Sam was one of those really sweet cats that you couldn’t wait to just snuggle with. She had a happy life and knew nothing else but being loved. If you’re like us, your animals (however they enter your life) become instantly part of the family. That was Sam. She had a long life of 20 years that my husband and I had the pleasure of loving and caring for her until her time came.

As Sam’s later years approached, we noticed she was starting to walk with a strange limp. We soon found out, (since animals are living longer like us humans) they too develop “senior aliments”.

Arthritis set in. We didn’t want to load her up with tons of medications. So we found an amazing holistic vet that actually improved the quality of Sam’s life for another couple of years. Our vet started acupuncture treatments on Sam. Yes!.. Acupuncture.

My husband and I soon realized how amazing this kind of treatment can really be. After bringing Sam home from her treatments, we could see that Sam was feeling better. Her tail would be up, her limping would be very minor and she would become herself again. However, as time went on her limping would come back.

We noticed it was becoming difficult for Sam to get in and out of the litter box. So, we kept buying shorter and shorter boxes for her. But any stepping up and into or out of was becoming too painful for her. I even bought a box that is designed for puppy training. Litter would end up everywhere. We knew that just wasn’t going to work.

So I knew there just had to be something out there to make this easy for Sam (and for us). Of course… there was nothing available. So my husband and I put our heads together and soon came up with this idea, a ramp designed for litter boxes.

Not just any ramp either.

A ramp specifically designed for arthritic cats. Even for cats that have a disability with walking, to be able to get in and out of the litter box with ease. With a few trial and errors, a few prototypes later, we have designed and developed the Kitty Box Ramp.

** The Kitty Box Ramp is Made in the USA with 100% recycled and recyclable material **