Easily adjusts to fit nearly any size and height litter box. Printable Assembly Instructions here.

Special Features

  • Extra tab (A) is designed for added support in the middle of the ramp. Fold the tab over the litter box and tuck in one of two slots.
  • Slot 2 is for ramp level 2; slot 3 is for level 3
  • Level 1 is placed inside the body of the ramp.  (See video)

Super Important to Know

  • Lay the boxramp on flat ground

  • Keep away from moisture, rain and snow

  • Place in a location at a great distance from fire and open flames


Let's Do This!

Step One

Place the Kitty Box Ramp up against the side of the litter box with the tongue sitting underneath the litter box. This will act as an anchor to hold the ramp in place. Depending on the height of the litter box, you can adjust the ramp to 3 different levels. It should sit flat, right up against the edge of the box. For levels 2 and 3, be sure to use the Extra Support Tab (A) on the inside bottom of the body of the ramp, fold it over, and tuck the tab into the appropriate slot (2 or 3) for added support before placing the ramp on the edge of the body of the ramp. Level 1 is placed inside the body of the ramp. (Make sure the litter is always full so your kitty can climb out with ease.)

Step Two

Place and secure the Tread Pads onto the face of the ramp by removing the paper backing on both ends (top & bottom) and pressing firmly into place. This will allow your kitty to easily grip and walk safely up the ramp. *If there are any potty accidents on the Tread Pads, you can easily remove and replace it with a fresh one! You can purchase a 3 or 5-pack of Tread Pads here.

Step Three

Now that your Kitty Box Ramp is in place, you will probably need to help assist your kitty cat (or other furry friend) a few times so they understand how to use it. Most kitties who are in need of help using a litter box will get the hang of the concept relatively easily. Any sense of ease for them is a relief. **Always make sure to place the litter box on top of the Tongue to anchor the box and to use the appropriate level (1, 2 or 3) for the height of the box so the ramp sits right up against the edge of the box and is flat in the floor.

Let us know what you think of your Kitty Box Ramp and send photos of your furry family to info@kittyboxramp.com! We love to see how our invention helps your beloved pets.